FixBugs: Exploring the Design Space of Static Analysis Resolutions

This page contains the study materials used in the paper:

Titus Barik, Yoonki Song, Brittany Johnson, and Emerson Murphy-Hill. "From Quick Fixes to Slow Fixes: Reimagining Static Analysis Resolutions to Enable Design Space Exploration." International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME 2016), Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Study Protocol

Phase 1: User Evaluation

Phase 2: Heuristic Evaluation

Source Code

To compile the source code, use Oracle JDK 7u21 64-bit. Unfortunately, FixBugs does not work under JDK 8 due to changes in the API. As a research prototype, FixBugs is also picky about the version of Eclipse; you must use Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2.

There are two versions of the source code, one for Quick Fix Version 1 (Quick Fix) and another for Quick Fix Version 2 (FixBugs). These are available as folders that can be directly imported into Eclipse:

After downloading the project files, create a new Eclipse workspace. For Quick Fix Version 1, you will need to import the three projects:

For Quick Fix Version 2, you will need to import the four projects:

After importing the necessary workspaces, start an Eclipse runtime.

For corrections, please contact Titus Barik ([email protected]).

Last updated: April 10, 2016